Who we are

With the culture characterized by innovation and backed with numerous years of innovation-driven technical skills, XENNEO is a global leader in providing IT solutions, consultancy and providing next-generation services. Whether it's a business strategy, operational strategy or technology strategy, we give dimensions to our clients' business future. We have been recognized for our exceptional service capabilities and industry-specific solutions in today's challenging business environment.
We are always with our clients whether their goals entail upgrading their ERP application, launching a cloud integration strategy, going digital, developing customized software, implementing a talent management solution or maintaining IT infrastructures.
At XENNEO, we see Innovation as a quintessential dimension for growth. Innovation, along with in-depth focus, enduring client relationships, and strong domain expertise, drives every element of our day-to-day operations. We are always striving for a customer-obsessed innovation culture. For our clients, it translates into strategic business value and for us, into consistent financial performance. We believe in leveraging the power of innovation to seize new possibilities.

Legendary laughs, legendary skills.

The Second City has produced some of the most unforgettable satire and influential comedians of the last sixty years. Its pioneering methods inspire the mindsets and behaviors that lead to rapid innovation and incomparable content. Second City Works uses those same methods to create events, content, and professional development programs that drive personal growth and organizational improvement.

Never underestimate the power of compound improvement.

Rather than a big transformation (although, fair warning, that could happen), we're all about inspiring incremental improvements. We can drive immediate performance wins in one-off events, content partnerships, and workshops, and we can sustain that momentum with holistic, campaign-based approaches.

Really it comes down to this. We use humor and empathy, interactivity and dialogue, to elevate the conversation and inspire people to perform better.