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Building a minimal viable product (MVP) is often the most cost effective and quickest way to get your software or app into the hands of real users or market validation. While limited to the core functionality that you want to start with, a good MVP should be professional quality in design and functionality. It should also be a building block for what your product may grow into in the future. We pride ourselves on helping our clients get first rate MVPs to market, which can scale seamlessly as their business grows.

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9 Steps From An Idea To Product


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Initial Requirement Analysis

Business Analyst from XENNEO will analyse the initial input and conducts a series of requirements workshops with the client to create high-level product requirements documentation and a detailed product feature tree for estimation


UI/UX Prototyping

UX/UI Designer

UI/UX Designer creates future system's navigation map and key screen's mockups with the help of the special prototyping software. The mockups can be united into a clickable prototype.


Architecture Design and Estimation

Software Architect

Software Architect recommends the best technology stack, architecture, and third party components required to build the system addressing performance, security, and scalability requirements. Creates detailed feature by feature workload and cost estimate.


MVP Scope Definition

Business Analyst and Software Architect

Given the feature by feature estimates sorted by cost/value ratio the client with the support of the team defines the scope of the Minimum Viable Product for the available budget


UI/UX Design

UI/UX Designer

Graphical designer converts UX mockups into beautifully designed, easy-to-use interfaces on screen by screen level, addressing usability and creating all necessary icons, illustrations, and animations for stunning UX.


MVP Implimentation

MVP Development Team

The development team starts programming the product starting from the most important features. Product increments are delivered every two weeks and demonstrated to the client, the client's feedback is incorporated early. Every feature is thoroughly tested. The project manager controls priorities, scope, budget, and deadlines.


Production Cloud Setup & Going live

Dev Ops Team

DevOps team sets up the production cloud infrastructure in the selected cloud addressing the project's security, performance, monitoring, backup, and high-availability requirements, and deploy the product to the production cloud. same time, Mobile applications are published to App Store and Google Play. The product goes live! :)


Post Production Support

Support Team

After going live, the support team monitors production servers and logs using automated scripts, analyses and resolves user's problems if any comes, installs security updates, creates and deploys patches and new feature updates.

Bring Your Idea To Life

Why Your CTO?

We're Passion about building amazing tech product. Our team has over 15 years of experience and expertise in a variety of programming languages and platforms. We always build in a strategic way so that your tech is scalable and can grow with your business. Your great ideas need to be matched by equally great tech-and that's what we strive to deliver.

Plans are nothing, planning is everything”. A business plan that is developed on assumptions and based on excel sheets is nothing but a leap-of-faith. Sound business plans emerge from the data generated by the MVP approach. If the co-founders have an MVP, limited user trials and test marketing can yield data that’s of immense value for business planning and scale up strategies, then the MVP offers proof-of-concept that investors can experience. And, the co-founders can sell!

We have business acumenship More often co-founders in their obsessive pursuit of a world beating product and unicorn dreams, misunderstand that an MVP should be packed with features rather than, as stated, a minimum viable product.

Want to develop, build and commercialize your idea in a trusted working environment? We begin the collaboration by first discussing the client's User Stories. We then work together and map these User Stories against a Competitive Gap Analysis.

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Resources Required To Develop an MVP

Typically about 9 different roles are required to develop an MVP working simultaneously part-time and full-time on different stages of the project. Establishing such an in-house team of developers and experts at an early stage of the project is costly and inefficient because of part-time involvement and short project duration. Working with us, you will be able to pause and resume development without losing the key knowledge keepers.


Project Manager

200 Hours

Busines Analyst

200 Hours

UI/UX Designer

100 Hours

Software Architect/ Senior Developer

360 Hours

Frontend Developer

360 Hours

Backend Developer

360 Hours

QA Engineer

360 Hours

Dev Ops Engineer

60 Hours


2,000 Workhours

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How Startups Can Benefit form Outsourcing Software Development

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Startup Founder & CEO

  • Business Strategy
  • Product Management
  • Sales and Marketing
  • Fund Raising
  • Client Relashionships


  • Business Strategy
  • Product Management
  • Sales and Marketing
  • Fund Raising
  • Client Relashionships

Advantages for Startups to work with XENNEO

Access to Tech & Industry Expertise

We at XENNEO have expertise in professional, specialized software development organizations accumulating experience from hundreds of projects that can help you avoid a lot of mistakes other people made and use the best time-proven practices.

On Demad Resouces

XENNEONAUTS are involved on a demand basis when they are needed, with no outages or any waiting time. You will be able to pause the whole team and can regroup and resume in a couple of weeks or months with minimum overhead. You also have an option to just hire our developers to join your existing team.

Cost Saving

Our development cost is very competitive and you don't have to worry about hiring the right resource, office space, buying gadgets, and spend on administration overhead.

Expert Level Specialist

As a division of labor in modern software engineering has become quite advanced, Specialized professional resources are involved in each step of a specific task. Just like you don’t ask a dentist to treat cardiac problems, you don’t ask an iOS developer to do database design or testing. We have resources ready to work for you at every step and to administer each role during the complete MVP development cycle.

Project Manager as a Single Point of Contact

You will always have a Project Manager as a single point of contact who will be accountable for saving your time, controlling the project budget and deadlines, managing the team, and making sure every hour is spent efficiently, providing you full transparency into the project status. You will be alerted only when your attention is needed so that you can focus on your launching pieces of stuff with a completely focused mind knowing your software development is going at pace with no hiccups.

Special Cooperation Model

Over the years, XENNEO has elaborated a special collaboration model that combines the benefits of agile flexibility adjusted for remote development with a strict budget and scope control and proper project management. You will always know what you will get for a certain budget and always pay only for what you see.

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Once the project analysis done, we’ll send you a proposal. but we also know that An early-stage business idea is like a mirage, changing all the time so we’re always open to negotiation and discussion. We can listen your point of view and we’ll come to you a common ground where you can visualize your product in better and innovative way.

Project Kick Off

We have intense army of developers for a quick start and a well-established process of launching your much awaiting software projects.